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HALO™ Lifeguard Stand

The HALO lifeguard stand is a revolutionary and innovative solution for aquatic safety. It is easy to move and relocate as needed, while also being stable, tall enough, and safe enough to empower lifeguards to perform their best.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in 56" and 77" platform heights, offering an unrivaled 360° view

  • OSHA compliant circular stairs and platform covered in marine grade non-slip decking

  • Completely portable using proprietary, patent-pending brake/ballast system

  • Stability tested 


  • Customization - HALO can be ordered in brilliant red, or customized with your facility's colors and branding.

    • Additional options include laser-cutting text or logos into stair tread risers​

  • Modern design aesthetic​

  • Minimum footprint

  • Stairway access rather than a ladder

  • Facilitates constant observation of swimmers

  • Facilitates observation of pool edge immediately below the lifeguard

  • Eliminates temptation of the lifeguard to jump or dive into shallow water, or otherwise climb or jump from the platform to the pool deck

$9,999 USD

For 77" mobile stand. Contact us for other options and pricing, or download price sheet below.

HALO in motion

A Purposefully Reimagined Lifeguard Stand,
Unrestrained by Convention

It only takes a glance to recognize that HALO is a drastic departure from convention, and this unique design is rooted in safety engineering and lifeguarding science. HALO is beautiful in its form, and it will only take a moment for your patrons to recognize your facility's commitment to safety.

The flexibility your lifeguards need to keep patrons safe.

Blind spots and visibility obstructions change throughout the day. Conventional lifeguard stands are typically anchored in place and not moved to adapt to changing conditions.

HALO's revolutionary "brake ballast" system makes relocating easy.

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