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"First, we are an Ellis Lifeguarded facility and the visual audit tests are part of the Ellis requirements. During our shut-down period, our Lifeguard manager did put the ANGELS in the competitive pool and the leisure pool. We found that our positioning in both pools was not optimal. In the competition pool, we ended up changing the placement of the lifeguard stands.

In the Leisure pool, we ended up changing some of the placement and brought in lifeguard stands. I believe at some point a manager took the removable stands out so that the lifeguards had to stand the entire time. Perhaps this was an attempt at keeping them from being too relaxed, but it alternatively created a poor line of sight. During the ANGELS testing, we realized that there were a lot of spots that were not highly visible while the lifeguard was standing. We then set up some very tall lifeguard stands, and after the backstroke flags were put back into place, we realized that created some additional issues in identifying the ANGELS, and we ultimately decided on a medium lifeguard stand height. During this testing, we were also able to show some issues with the glare on the water from the windows and had our facilities team add tinting to the windows in some spots.


One of the best parts about the ANGELS is that it is pretty cut and dry when asking a guard or manager to count how many they can see. This system is also much faster than taking a CPR dummy and moving it from spot to spot…which was our previous method and was highly inefficient in comparison. [ANGELS devices] have been instrumental in providing a more tangible grasp on guard zones and stand placement."


"We brought Aqua Conscience in after discussing that we needed to replace our lifeguard stands. The pool was last rehabbed in 1992, and I didn’t feel comfortable just saying 'where the stands are is where they should be.' Based on the study, we learned that we needed to have more chairs and more lifeguards up than we had. We’ve been putting the ANGELS in at least once a week since we got them. We have several lifeguards put them in on a grid system and we measure it out. With 4-5 lifeguards it’s probably a five minute process.

Having Aqua Conscience … we see a better response out of the lifeguards as opposed to just scanning over the top of the surface, they’re scanning the surface AND below.

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