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Lifeguard Positioning and Training Tool (LPTT®)

The LPTT® is a full-facility kit used for training lifeguards to scan every cubic foot of water in their surveillance zone, to scientifically audit lifeguard zone boundaries, and to validate lifeguard chair height and position.

The LPTT Kit includes:

  • 35 ANGELS™ devices

  • 5 storage cases, each holding 7 ANGELS.

  • LPTT user manual and training instructions to conduct scientifically validated testing and self-certify your facility's testing completion.

$2,500 USD

The Scientific Method,

Applied to Aquatic Safety at Your Facility

Implementation of the Lifeguard Positioning & Training Tool (LPTT®) at your facility is simple. Our step-by-step process provides scientifically supported solutions to critical lifeguarding factors such as lifeguard placement, surveillance zones, and scanning techniques.

The Science of

ANGELS™ devices

Utilizing LPTT to

Ensure Verifiable Lifeguard Coverage

During testing, ANGELS devices are placed in a grid formation along the bottom of the pool. This crucial first step provides a three dimensional visual reference for conducting a systematic analysis. 

Coverage Zones Depiction edited.png

Lifeguards count the number of ANGELS devices they can identify during various levels and types of pool activity.


Unidentified ANGELS devices within each zone represent surveillance blind spots. 

As results from the individual zones are compiled, systemic blind spots become apparent, and optimization of surveillance zones is possible. Ongoing testing provides validation as conditions and personnel change. 

Utilizing the ANGELS devices to

Train & Reinforce Proper Scanning

LPTT is the ideal tool to train and reinforce proper scanning techniques. 

Lifeguards must be consistent, vigilant, and systematic in their scanning of every cubic foot of water. Scanning in a grid formation is a learned skill that has demonstrated advantages over competing methodologies.


However, it is impossible to effectively train and assess these skills with traditional safety devices.

ANGELS devices are the only product that allows for ongoing training and testing in active pool conditions without disturbing patrons; something that cannot be achieved with lifelike silhouettes or manikins.

Lifeguard-Coverage-Zones B3.jpg
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