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Wouldn't your day at the local pool be better if you knew that the lifeguards were set up to succeed?

Many drownings tragically occur at pools where attentive and qualified lifeguards are on duty.

A Simple, Scientific Solution is Available

The images below demonstrate what a lifeguard can see when seated on a short stand (photo 1) and from a tall lifeguard stand (photo 2). The management at this facility had traditionally utilized low chairs, not realizing how a change in perspective would dramatically improve their lifeguards’ ability to see below the surface. Notice how the children underwater become easily visible to the lifeguard seated on the tall stand.

Girls-2.5' chair.JPG

View from short stand

Girls-8' chair.JPG

View from tall lifeguard stand

The lifeguards at this facility didn’t understand the limitations of their visibility until they were prompted to see a better alternative. 

Do you want better safety for your family?

Talk to your pool about safety.

Our fact sheet discusses the scope of the problem,

relevant standards, and how scientific solutions from

Aqua Conscience can improve safety at your pool. 

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