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Auditor's Kit

The Auditor's Kit is used to scientifically audit lifeguard zone boundaries.


The Auditor's Kit includes:

  • 7 ANGELS devices

  • 1 Rolling equipment case

  • User manual with instructions to conduct scientifically validated testing

This is a perimeter verification tool ONLY. To test for visual obstructions caused by glare and/or shadows throughout the entire surveillance zone, the Lifeguard Positioning and Training Tool (LPTT®) must be used.

$599 USD

The Scientific Method,

Applied to Aquatic Safety at Your Facility

Implementation of the Auditor's Kit at your facility is simple. Our step-by-step process provides scientifically supported solutions to critical lifeguarding factors such as lifeguard placement and surveillance zones.

Utilizing the Auditor's Kit to

Test and Validate Lifeguard Surveillance Zones

During testing, ANGELS devices are placed at equidistant intervals along the outer edge of the surveillance zone, with some ANGELS devices positioned directly below and in front of the lifeguard stand, where drowning victims have historically gone unnoticed. This crucial first step provides a three dimensional visual reference for conducting a systematic analysis. 

auditor kit diagram.png

Lifeguards count the number of ANGELS devices they can identify during various levels and types of pool activity.


Unidentified ANGELS devices within each zone represent surveillance blind spots. 

As results from the individual zones are compiled, systemic blind spots become apparent, and optimization of surveillance zones is possible. Ongoing testing provides validation as conditions and personnel change. 

The Science of

ANGELS™ devices

Making Your Job Easier

Compared to manikins, the rolling case and ANGELS devices in the Auditor's Kit are more:

  • Efficient

  • Cost Effective

  • Portable 

Everything you need to scientifically conduct an audit is in one easy to transport case, designed for fast drying and storage. 


Comparison between single manikin in case

and complete Auditor's Kit. 

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